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Heart Education Awareness Resource and Training through E-learning

About OHCA

Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest: a Resource for Responders

Resource Development

The resource includes varied web based interactive activities including case studies, video clips, audio-files, animations and examples of documentation.

Members of the resource development team were recruited from a range of organisations including NHSScotland, Scottish Ambulance Service, Fire & Rescue Scotland and the voluntary sector. The team also had reviewers from a broad range of relevant areas to assist in the development process. Membership of the resource development team and reviewers are detailed within the resource.

Select each of the headings below for a full list of people involved in the resource development.

  • Alan Begg, General Practitioner, NHS Tayside
  • David Bywater, Consultant Paramedic, Scottish Ambulance Service
  • Stewart Lamb Cromar, Interactive Content Development Manager, University of Edinburgh
  • Lynne Dalgleish, bereaved by OHCA
  • Frances Divers, Cardiology Nurse Consultant, NHS Lothian
  • Greg Fearn, Network Manager, Familial Arrythmia Network Scotland
  • Caitrian Guthrie, Cardiac eResource Project Lead, Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland
  • Michelle Keenan, Chief Executive, Edinburgh Headway Group
  • Colville Laird, Director, BASICS Scotland
  • Garry MacKay, Station Manager/Training & Employee Development, Scottish Fire & Rescue Service
  • Gregor Newton, OHCA survivor
  • Judy Newton, wife of OHCA survivor
  • Lynn Reid, Head of Education, Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland
  • Connie Smith, Scottish Government
  • Sarah Smith, Cardiac Co-ordinator, Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland
  • Margaret Somerville, Director of Services, Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland
  • Angela Southam, wife of OHCA survivor
  • Jeremy Southam, OHCA survivor
  • Iain Telfer, Chaplain – Spiritual & Pastoral Care, NHS Lothian
  • Stewart Wilson, Chief Executive, CRUSE Bereavement Care Scotland

The website was designed and produced by the Interactive Content Team, Information Services, The University of Edinburgh.

  • Jackie Aim
  • Stuart Brett
  • Stewart Lamb Cromar
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