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Heart Education Awareness Resource and Training through E-learning

How To Use This Site

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  2. Module content
  3. Interactive objects
  4. Video
  5. Audio
  6. Firewalls or IP restrictions

For information on accessibility features of this site, please see our accessibility help page.

For technical requirements please see our browser health check page.

1. Navigation aids

If you are using a screen reader or speaking browser, we have special links 'skip to content' inks on every page to help you jump to the main content. These are often called ‘skip links’.

These menus will be read out to you. If you are not using assistive software, you will not see these links.

2. Module content


Navigating within the modules can be performed by tapping the large green button(s) at the bottom of each page.

If you wish to restart the case or section you are working through you can tap the maroon "Restart Section" button at the bottom of the page.

Pulse points

Throughout the module you will see the word "pulse point" displaying in a pink box, as shown below. These are designed to highlight information and links which are important to consider in your practice.

Additional information

Information which is useful, though not critical to the modules, can be displayed via the blue "Additional Information" button located at the bottom of some pages.

3. Interactive objects


Modules 9+ contain HTML5 objects for interactive resources and are suitable for any modern device (desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet). For more information on the browser requirements please visit our browser health check page.

Adobe Flash

Modules 1-8 contain Adobe Flash objects for interactive resources, so you must have Flash Player 8 (or higher) installed.


The interactive Flash resources have been designed to work without the use of a mouse, and can be used with the keyboard controls using the Tab and arrow keys.

For users who have problems accessing this content, full textual transcripts of the content have been provided below each HTML5 and Flash object via 'View Text Alternative' buttons.

4. Video

We have used JW Player 6 to deliver video content on this website. JW Player is designed to support its full-featured set on all popular browsers and devices. It has two underlying browser technologies it can use to play a media format: the HTML5 <video> element and the Adobe Flash plugin. Please note: videos may take time to load depending on your internet connection.

When using the video you can adjust the volume and enlarge the screen by selecting the buttons at the bottom of the player.

Where possible we have provided full textual transcripts of video content. These can be accessed below each clip.

5. Audio

We have used SoundCloud to deliver audio content on this website. By default SoundCloud will present the HTML5 embedded player. But if you are using an older browser, the HTML5 player will revert to their old Flash player.

Where possible we have provided full textual transcripts of audio content. These can be accessed below each clip.

6. Firewalls or IP restrictions

If you are viewing this website from an NHS computer, University or corporate network it is possible some content is being restricted because of a firewall. You may need to contact your local IT department for support with this matter. You may need to create an 'exception' for this website around the firewalls.

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