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04: Acute Coronary Syndrome: Case 3 Naveed


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Naveed is a 70 year old gentleman who was born in Pakistan and emigrated to Scotland in the 1960’s. He lives with his wife and has worked for most of his life in the family restaurant in Edinburgh. His wife is on holiday with their daughter in Pakistan. He is being looked after by his granddaughter Sangita who is training to be a nurse.

Naveed has a history of COPD he has been a smoker for the last 50 years and has recently reduced his smoking from 30 per day to 10. He is hoping to try and stop completely. He was a keen cricketer when he was young and represented Pakistan at youth level; he has regrets about giving it up after arriving in Scotland but was unable to continue due to pressures of work. He is excited about watching the test match on TV live from Lahore where Pakistan are playing India.

During the match Naveed notices a pain in his chest and a heavy feeling in his left arm. He asks Sanjita for his usual indigestion remedy she is worried and advises him to contact NHS 24 for further assessment.

NHS 24 interaction

Module name: Acute Coronary Syndrome

Map name: 04: Acute Coronary Syndrome: Case 3 Naveed

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