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Heart Education Awareness Resource and Training through E-learning

06: Heart Failure: Introduction

Module authors

Module lead
Eve Shannon, Heart Failure Nurse/Educator, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Group members
Mandi Smith, Lead HF Nurse, NHS Highland
Gemma Craigie-Sharland, HF Support Lead, CHSS
David Holcombe, Benefits Advisor, NHS Fife/CHSS
Dr Aynsley Cowie, Physiotherapist Cardiac Rehabilitation, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
Dr John Sharp, Cardiac/Psychology, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
Paul Forsyth, Pharmacist, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Leslie Cruikshank, GP, Clinical Lead, NHS Forth Valley
Lynda Blue, BHF Project Lead, Scotland
Sinead McKee, Cardiac Practitioner, NHS Forth Valley
Frances Adamson, HF Nurse/Educator, NHS Grampian

Learning outcomes

Module name: Heart Failure

Map name: 06: Heart Failure: Introduction

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