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Heart Education Awareness Resource and Training through E-learning

01: Healthy Heart and Investigations: Introduction

Module authors

Module lead
Lynne Garvey, CHD MCN Manager, NHS Fife

Group Members
Dave Bertin,Voices Scotland Trainer, CHSS
Mandy Calder, Health Information Officer, CHSS
James Lambie, Practice Nurse, NHS Lothian
Catriona McGregor, Clinical Specialist/Lecturer Physiology GCU, Glasgow Caledonian University
Dr Karen Smith, Nurse Consultant/Lecturer, NHS Tayside

Shona Irvine, Lecturer, Edinburgh Napier University
Dr John Locke, GP, NHS Dumfries & Galloway
Amanda Manson, Cardiac Specialist Nurse, NHS Orkney
Juliet MacKellaig, Voices Scotland Co-ordinator, CHSS
Marie Hurson, Cardiac Nurse Specialist, NHS Shetland

Learning outcomes

Module name: Healthy Heart and Investigations

Map name: 01: Healthy Heart and Investigations: Introduction

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