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Heart Education Awareness Resource and Training through E-learning

00: HEARTe Key themes

Key additional themes

There are a number of additional considerations that we have integrated into HEARTe to enrich your learning experience and support application of this knowledge within practice scenarios. These strategies are designed to compliment the cardiac learning within HEARTe and are integral to enhancing cardiac care.

Alongside these themes we recognise the importance of respect, understanding and consistency when delivering cardiac care in practice.

We hope that by increasing your understanding of cardiac care that you can be become a more confident practitioner.

Throughout HEARTe the following themes are used illustrating application of your cardiac knowledge in practice area scenarios. These themes include:

  • Communication
  • Health Behaviour Change (HBC) interventions
  • Self Management philosophy

All of the modules use the different cases to illustrate the learning outcomes required to complete the module. Therefore we recommend that you work through all of the cases to ensure all of the learning outcomes can be achieved.

Communication styles

Module name: HEARTe Key themes

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