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Heart Education Awareness Resource and Training through E-learning

08: Atrial Fibrillation: Introduction

Module authors

Module lead
Morven Dunn, Practice Development Nurse Practitioner-AF, NHS Lanarkshire / Practice Development Coordinator, BHF

Group members
Alison Keenan, Practice Nurse, NHS Ayrshire & Arran
Karen Smith, Consultant Cardiology Nurse, NHS Tayside, University of Dundee
Arlene Cobban, Atrial Fibrillation Nurse, NHS Fife
Mairi Chrystal, CHSS Head of Stroke Nurse & Specialist Services
Debbie Yorkston, Chief Physiologist, NHS Lothian
Sue Bryant, Cardiac Specialist Nurse, NHS Dumfries and Galloway
Anne MacDonald Practice Nurse NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
Steve McGlynn, Specialist Principal Pharmacist (Cardiology)
Jemima Traill, Senior Project Manager, BHF
Mairi Albiston, Clinical Psychologist, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Dr John Locke, GP, NHS Dumfries & Galloway
Dr Anna Choy, Consultant Cardiologist, NHS Tayside
Amanda Manson, Cardiac Specialist Nurse, NHS Orkney
Morag Osborne, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
John Stout, GP, NHS Grampian
Neil Grubb, Consultant Cardiologist, NHS Lothian

Acknowledgement to Maureen Carroll, MCN Manager, NHS Lanarkshire (Atrial Fibrillation Audit and Education Project).

Learning outcomes

Module name: Atrial Fibrillation

Map name: 08: Atrial Fibrillation: Introduction

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