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10: Hypertension. Case 2: Evelyn

Evelyn's review appointment


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GP: Hello, Evelyn. You are here for your annual check up. As you know there are a few tests we need to do, so let’s get started. I’ll do your blood pressure first.

Evelyn: Okay, thanks doctor.

Evelyn’s blood pressure is 166/108 mmHg...

GP: Unfortunately, your blood pressure is higher than it has been, so just sit quietly for a few minutes then I’ll check it again.

Evelynn: Okay. I hope it comes down… I don’t want to start taking tablets.

GP: Try not to worry about that. We will see what it is in a few minutes, then we’ll decide what to do next.

GP: Your blood pressure is still a bit high, 164/105mmHG.

What would happen next?

Evelyn has all tests done, as per guideline, including referral for 24hr ABPM/HBPM. What else would happen as part of Evelyn's annual review?

  • Bloods: U&Es, cholesterol
  • FBC, LFTs, glucose
  • BMI
  • Urine test
  • Advice regarding:
    • Eye tests
    • Exercise
    • Diet
    • Alcohol consumption
    • Weight management

Pulse point

Information on GBPM/ABPM

ABPM: When using ABPM to confirm a diagnosis of hypertension, ensure that at least two measurements per hour are taken during usual waking hours of 8am-10pm.

HBPM: People using HBPM are asked to record two BP readings morning and night, at least one minute apart, for a period of 7 days (min 4 days). Measurements on the first day are discarded and an average of all remaining readings used to confirm diagnosis.

Lifestyle factors and blood pressure

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