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12: Psychological Impact: Case 1: Angus

Meet Angus

Angus is a 55 year old man who lives alone and who has no dependents. He has a sister, who he is in regular contact with, and a brother. Angus has been in a relationship with a woman for a few months. His father died of a myocardial infarction and his mother from cancer. He works full time as a financial advisor and, although this is a sedentary job, it is quite stressful. He normally enjoys cycling and walks his dog several times a day. Angus has no financial worries and enjoys going on holiday.

Angus experienced intermittent chest discomfort for approximately one month. He initially thought this was indigestion. However, when he developed severe central chest pain, he called an ambulance as he felt unwell with the pain. He was alone in the house at the time. The paramedic suspected a myocardial infarction. On arrival at the hospital, Angus was taken immediately to the cardiac catheterisation unit. It was found he had two occluded coronary arteries. This resulted in Angus having percutaneous coronary intervention and stenting of both the affected arteries. Following the procedure, the cardiologist explained to Angus what had happened to his his heart and the treatment that had been carried out. Angus was given a booklet about myocardial infarction prior to his discharge 48 hours later. He was advised that the cardiac rehabilitation team would be in touch, with an appointment to attend their rehabilitation programme and this would take around 6 weeks to arrive.

After Angus is discharged

Module name: Psychological Impact of Cardiac Disease

Map name: 12: Psychological Impact: Case 1: Angus

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